Puerto Rico whale watching

A whales tail - whale watching in Puerto RicoThe ideal time for Puerto Rico whale watching is in the winter, which coincides with the annual migration of humpback whales.

Every year sees the migration of whales to the warmer waters of the Mona Passage to the west of Puerto Rico and here they breed.

Whale sightings are possible from December to March, but peak season is February.

The Mona Passage is a straight that connects the Atlantic to the Caribbean. This major shipping route to the Panama Canal separates Puerto Rico from Hispanola, between which lies Mona Island.

The location of the Mona Passage

The migration south begins as fall approaches and they return to the Gulf of Maine in early spring – one estimate is that each humpback whale travels up to 5,000 miles every year.

The best place to go whale watching from land in Puerto Rico is the Lighthouse Park. For closer views you should contact a dive center – many arrange whale watching trips daily.


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