Puerto Rico sailing

If you’re a keen sailor then a Puerto Rico sailing holiday, or just a day on the ocean, may be the ideal way for you to unwind.

We sailed form Fajardo, although there is a big marina also at the Palmas del Mar resort near Humacao too. First sailing to a tiny desert island called Palomonitos – and I really mean tiny – which consists of a sandy beach on one side with white, white sand and clear water and a coral reef on the other with a few palm trees and vegetation in the middle.

Puerto Rico - sailing to Palamonitos

There was so much dead coral washed up on the reef side it wasn’t true. The boat moored off the island and we swam onto the island, walked around it and swam back. From there we went close to another island and moored off a reef.

But before going in we were treated to Champagne, a feast of prawns, smoked salmon, serrano ham and many other things, eventually washed down with a few bottles of wine too.

We eventually snorkeled on the reef. I’ve never seen so much coral and of so many types. Massive growths, just under the water, and very different from home – and lots of nicely colored tropical fish too.

Eventually we got back on board and made our way back to the marina in the dark and arrived home safe, sound and exhausted. Still with sea legs, but very happy with the day.

Although not a sailor, I can understand the attractions of the sea and am absolutely sure than anyone who sails regularly would be thrilled at a day of sailing, or a dedicated Puerto Rico sailing vacation. If you visit the marinas you’ll be able to arange Puerto Rico sailing charters.

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