Puerto Rico resorts

If you’re looking to arrive in Puerto Rico and do little else beside spend the time poolside, catch some rays and drink exotic Caribbean cocktails then check into one of Puerto Rico’s many resorts. The principal advantage of a resort hotel is that almost anything you need while on location can be found within the resort.

Not only do you get accommodation, but a choice of restaurants and bars, entertainment, sports facilities such as golf and watersports, spas and wellness, shopping and casinos. You may not have to leave the resort for the length of your stay and instead concentrate on the important business of getting away from it all and relaxing.

However, while that might suit you for a few days, you’ll miss seeing what Puerto Rico is like outside the confines of the resort and the experiences that you get when encountering such as rich and varied culture. And rather than have everything provided for you’ll have to have to fend for yourself, at least to a certain extent.

At the time of writing there is little on offer in the way of all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico  at the time of writing. The only major resort to offer all-inclusive packages is Copamarina Beach Resort, which is at Guanica on the south-west coast.

The principal advantages of Puerto Rico resorts for families  are child-care facilities. That means parents can take a break from their kids – or is it the other way round? It also means adults can spend their vacation not having to constantly keep one eye out for their kids and fully relax instead, while for the kids it is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and try their hands at something new.

Some resorts in Puerto Rico are for adults only, such as the Horned Dorset Primavera Hotel in Rincón, which doesn’t cater for children at all. This luxury resort is perfect for honeymooners and anyone looking for a romantic vacation. With a private white sand beach there are no phones, televisions or radios in the guest rooms and the resort offers a seven day all-inclusive package including all meals and transport to and from the airport.

For more in-depth details about specific Puerto Rico resorts check out the links below:

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All in all a resort hotel offers many people exactly what they are looking for on vacation, with everything provided on site and most resorts organize excursions to see some of the local sites too. If you want to know exactly what you’re getting and don’t care too much about experiencing Puerto Rico first hand then resorts can provide exactly what you want.

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