Puerto Rico real estate

Maybe you’ve decided to invest in Puerto Rico real estate after visiting the island for years. Perhaps you fell in love with the island on your first visit and have decided to retire there. Or you’ve decided to abandon the rat-race back home and move lock, stock and barrel to Puerto Rico for a more relaxed way of life.

Puerto Rico real estate could give you a view like this

Whatever the reason, if you find are thinking of an investment in Puerto Rico real estate you first need to consider various aspects of the purchase and the implications they have for you.

A vacation home has some obvious appeals over staying in a hotel or a rented condo – every time you arrive you’ll be right at home already.

That also means that you won’t have to carry as much baggage as a hotel stay. And if you are planning to make several visits each year, a vacation home makes a lot of sense for you too.

By spending just a little time planning your needs you can help make finding your dream home in Puerto Rico easier. And when you find a property that matches your requirements you’ll have no doubt about it.

You should make the list as personal as possible, but some things to consider as a starting point are:

  • How much can you afford?
  • Is there a specific area of Puerto Rico that you’d prefer?
  • Do you want a property located in a resort or do you prefer more authentic island life?
  • Are you looking for proximity to certain sports facilities or leisure activities such as golf or horseback riding?
  • In a resort or another location?
  • Is timeshare an option?

Puerto Rico real estate – part 2