Puerto Rico accommodation

Although many people’s idea of Puerto Rico accommodation starts and ends with one of the big hotels, accommodation on the island ranges from small family-run guesthouses and hotels to massive all-inclusive spa resorts.

While the big hotels and resorts can make an ideal vacation for many people, those who are more adventurous want something different. Here we look at the different Puerto Rico accommodation options and what you can expect to find from them.

Small hotels and guesthouses

Wherever you look on the island you’ll come across small hotels and guesthouses, many of them family run affairs. Although they don’t offer the same kind of facilities as the big hotels, they can more than make up for in terms of service and comfort.

If you’re planning on traveling the island then it’s likely that you’ll stay in one of these places, but be warned – always book in advance to ensure you have a bed for the night as they are very popular with both tourists and Puerto Ricans.

Mamacita’s guesthouse on Culebra
If you are looking for a small, friendly guesthouse with a great restaurant then you need look no further than Mamacita’s.

Paradors in Puerto Rico
Paradores offer great value accommodation, often in picturesque locations. Here you can mix with the locals and get to know Puerto Rico’s traditional cuisine.

International hotels

At the other end of the spectrum of Puerto Rico accommodation are the big hotels owned by the international hotel groups. The hotels in Isla Verde fall into this category.

Information about choosing the best hotels in Puerto Rico.

Hotels in San Juan
With a vast choice of San Juan Puerto Rico hotels, you first need to decide what you want to get out of your hotel stay.

Isla Verde
Choose from the many Isla Verde Puerto Rico hotels. Beachside or poolside, you’re guaranteed a relaxing, stress-free vacation.

Wyndham Hotels
You have a choice of 4 Wyndham hotels in Puerto Rico. We look at the options.

Normandie Hotel
Normandie Hotel Puerto Rico is located between Old San Juan and Condado. Dating from 1939, it has old world charm and Art Deco style.

Ponce Hotels
Learn about Ponce hotels for visits to the “Pearl of the South”.

Ponce Hilton
The Ponce Hilton is a resort with golf course and casino that overlooks the Carribean. Close to Ponce, the resort offers guests the choice of a standard room or a suite.

House rental

One option for Puerto Rico accommodation that is often overlooked is house rental. Often surprisingly well priced, house rental allows you much more freedom that staying in a hotel, although you’ll need to stock up on groceries yourself and you have to provide your own room service and cleaning.

One feature of many houses in Puerto Rico is that they don’t have glass in the windows. Because of the heat and humidity, many houses have bug screens and storm shutters – the latter particularly useful during hurricane season (June-November).
House rental

All-inclusive resorts

All-inclusive resorts are an ideal Puerto Rico accommodation option for those who are looking to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle without the drawback of traveling the island and seeking it out. It’s like all the best bits of Puerto Rico are brought to you.

While not for everybody, the resorts do allow you to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about any of the details of normal day-to-day life.
All-inclusive resorts

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