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Time to start living your Caribbean dreams

The typical beach encountered on Puerto Rico vacationsHave you ever daydreamed of swimming in crystal clear waters among tropical fish and afterwards dozing on beaches of pure white sand ?
Or what about sampling the locally produced rum while the rhythm of salsa plays in the background?

What you may not have realised yet is this – if you stop daydreaming and start planning a vacation in Puerto Rico you can live out your dreams. And if you’re someone who wants to experience Puerto Rico first hand, mix with the locals and enjoy genuine Caribbean hospitality then our advice is simple – get away from the resort hotels, grab a map and a guide book and rent a car.

By taking your vacation in your own hands you’re still able to swim, lie on beaches and drink rum. But they’ll be beaches and places that you’ve discovered for yourself and your vacation will be much richer as a result. The sad fact is that so many visitors to Puerto Rico are just not interested in setting foot outside the resorts and miss so much by doing so.

Old San JuanA Ponce house

The culture & history of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a culture and traditions of its own, shaped by a history that saw it colonised for centuries by Spain before finally being seized by the United States in 1898.

That whole 500 year period has had a profound effect on the island and its people, shaped by a rich and sometimes bloody history. The result is a very distinct cultural mix with a dialect of Spanish that has been strongly shaped by its ties to the US, although the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States is often uneasy.

And being a tropical island means a tropical cuisine with much use made of plantains, rice and beans, while a collision of musical influences resulted in the salsa rhythms that reverberate across the streets and fill the airwaves, and much more recently reggaeton. The food can take a little getting used to if you’re visiting from America or Europe, but American-style food can be found everywhere too, not just the resorts, so you’re unlikely to go hungry.

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